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Scotts 4-Step Program


The Scotts 4-Step Program gives you everything you need for a healthy lawn year-round. With spring almost here, now's the perfect time to get the program started.

Created by the experts at Scotts, the system helps you prevent grassy spring weeds, nourish your lawn in the harsh summer months, green up your lawn in the fall, and strengthen it before winter comes. You can buy the full program today at your local, independently owned Do it Best store!


Step 1: Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Food

Step 1 is designed to get your lawn started on the right foot. Grassy weeds like crabgrass are a common problem for spring lawns, so Step 1 with Crabgrass Preventer helps cut them down before they invade. Adding in lawn food helps revitalize lawns that have endured a harsh winter. Step 1 can be applied anytime in early spring, particularly from February to April in temperatures below 80 degrees. 


Step 2: Weed Control plus Lawn Food

Step 2 can be applied in late spring (April - June) but you must wait at least 4 weeks from your initial Step 1 application. This formula is especially designed to stop dandelions and other broadleaf weeds from taking over. It also adds in enriching nutrients to prepare your lawn for what can be a harsh summer climate.  Step 2 strengthens your lawn from the roots up.


Step 3: Lawn Food with 2% Iron

Step 3 is used to give your lawn a jolt of much-needed nourishment in mid-summer. Typically applied in July and August, Step 3 provides a boost of iron and helps your lawn withstand the summer heat. If rain is not in the forecast, be sure to give your lawn a good watering after applying. You'll also want to spot-treat weeds as well.


Step 4: Fall Lawn Food

Step 4 should be applied 4-6 weeks after Step 3, in August - November. Step 4 is crucial to your lawn coming back strong the next year; while it greens up your lawn in late fall, it really helps strengthen and ensure that your lawn can endure the winter. Add a healthy watering after applying to help speed up the greening process.