Mower Service Specials

Certified dealer and Mechanics for Kawasaki Engines, Kohler Engines, Briggs & Stratton Engines, ECHO Power Equipment, and SCAG Mowers.

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Scag mower authorized dealer

Push Mowers, Leaf Blowers, Weed Trimmers, Chainsaws and other Small Power equipment $30 plus parts for tune-ups.  

This service is just for maintaining a good running machine.  If the machine will not run there will likely be other charges for troubleshooting and possible adjustments.

Prices are good Now through 3/31/19!

Picked up and Delivered back for only $30!  

Call or text Eric at 812-766-0302 to schedule pick up.  Bringing the equipment call 812-354-8350 and ask for Kenny or Eric.

Riding Mowers

Ready to Mow Service Package $249 - $299

Includes all of the following!

1.       Change oil & Filter* 

2.       Clean or replace air Filter Depending on condition* 

3.       Check Tire Pressure

4.       Grease Mower* 

5.       NEW Set of regular Blades - upgrade to mulching blades for and additional $30.   

6.       Replace Spark Plugs* 

7.       Check hydro/Transmission oil and fill if needed 

8.       Replace fuel filter* 

9.       Inspect fuel lines

10.    Check and Adjust Deck level

11.    Test battery & clean terminals

12.    Check Charging System

13.    Lube* throttle/Choke Linkage  

14.    Inspect belts & adjustment

15.    Inspect & adjust steering system

16.    Check engine RPM’s

17.    Check antifreeze

18.    Check & Adjust brakes

19.    Test run all functions & safety system

20.    Add Fuel Stabilizer*  

21.    Clean unit where service is needed

22.    UV-ray protectant for plastics/seats*  

Quick Service Package  $180

Includes all of the following!

1.       Change oil & Filter* 

2.       Clean or replace air Filter Depending on condition* 

3.       Check Tire Pressure

4.       Grease Mower* 

5.       NEW Set of regular Blades - upgrade to mulching blades for and additional $30.  

Want or need something else?  Give us a call 812-354-8350 ask for Kenny or Eric.

See store for complete details.  Pick up and delivery special price is limited to a 20 mile trip from the store.  See store for further pickups.  *indicates parts included if maintenance schedule or conditions require replacement.

Any additional work or parts, Pick-up & Delivery, and Taxes are Extra.  All safety issues should be brought to our attention. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Petersburg Hardware of any issues that could make the machine hazardous.  Machines can not leave the facility with out all safety equipment being functional at the customer’s expense.  If your mower has a safety feature that is not functioning and you don’t want it fixed then do not ask us to service it.  Battery and tire checks can not be guaranteed due to sitting idle until spring.

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